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Kite spot atlas made by kitesurfers for kitesurfers
Enjoy and contribute!


UK, Scotland

Other places:

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Datum: WGS84 [ Help ]
Precision: Approximate

GPS History (1)

Latitude: 57° 34.542' N
Longitude: 4° 2.774' W

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Distance to a city In the city

Access time Instant access (< 5min)

Easy to find? Easy to find

Public access? Private access

Special access 

 Kite Spot Characteristics

Alternative name Ardersier

Spot quality Standard

Experience Intermediate

Type Beach

Kite/wind? Good for KiteSurf

Style Freestyle, Freeride

Day timing  


Week crowd Crowded

Week-end crowd Few surfers


Water quality Clean

Current Don't know

Bottom Sandy

Tide Best at high tide


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By Anonymous , 27-03-2010

Fort George - This fort was built by the English after the battle of Culloden (1746) under the direction of the Duke of Cumberland. It was built (about 1780) primarily to subdue the Scots and keep them in check. It was named after a previous castle (in Inverness town) which was destroyed by the Jacobite's (the Scots) to stop the English using it.
It is the oldest fortification in the UK still being used by the British Army today. It covers some 42 acres and the interior is at or below sea level. The walls are up to 50 ft thick and have rooms built into them. It has never seen action in war. It is situated on the edge of the village of Ardersier about ten miles east of Inverness.

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