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Kite spot atlas made by kitesurfers for kitesurfers
Enjoy and contribute!

  New site infos

  • Jan 25 
    [ Info ] Secured navigation Wannakitesurf is now only available thru secured (SSL/HTTPs) navigation. Feel free to report any bugs or wired behavior while browsing/contributing to the kite spots.
  • Jul 09 
    [ Info ] Phishing pages Hackers succeeded into injecting some scripts into our server file system; mainly phishing pages (fake Dropbox and/or Email client login page; asking you to login with your Gmail/Yahoo account). We are pretty sure these phishing pages were NOT linked/used within this website; probably used in phishing email campaigns. Your community information (email, password, personal information) from this website were not compromised; but if you have been redirected to these pages it is strongly recommended that you change your email password. Sorry for the inconvenience Wanna Team
  • Jan 07 
    [ Info ] Happy new year & German interface Everyone at Wannakitesurf wishes you a happy, healthy and wind rich New Year! Wannakitesurf ist verfügbar in Deutsch! Johannes has translated all Wannakitesurf messages from English into German. I'm sure all German kitesurfers will enjoy having the atlas in this language. We would warmly like to thanks Johannes for his contribution.
  • Apr 27 
    [ Info ] Wannakitesurf major upgrade Wannakitesurf will be closed on Saturday 1st, may 2010 (between 2 PM to 6 PM GMT) for maintenance reason. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Jun 27 
    [ Info ] Add Spots Hope you are all finding this site useful. We just want to remind you all that it is fully "user generated content" - so please keep adding new spots :-) WEB LINK
  • May 05 
    [ Info ] Server migration Dear all, To increase our websites response time, we will migrate this month our web server and database server to two brand new powerful servers. The database server will be migrated first this week. The websites will be unavailable for a couple of minutes. Best, Wannakitesurf team
  • Oct 31 
    [ Info ] Wannakitesurf Upgrade Hi folks, We will upgrade the Wannakitesurf website today with great new features. The site may be unavailable for some hours. Enjoy and contribute! Wannakitesurf Admin
  • May 21 
    [ Info ] Server upgrade Dear wannakitesurfers - we have finally upgraded the server(s), which is not cheap, but should make the site much more stable and bring page-loading back to a reasonable speed. We are already looking to boost the current configuration, as this will certainly slow over time. In the meanthime, enjoy the new, faster wannakitesurf! Admin Team
  • Sep 22 
    [ Info ] WannaKiteSurf on your mobile Now you can access your atlas from the web browser on your mobile phone or device!
  • Aug 11 
    [ Info ] Wannakitesurf guides Did you notice something different? There is now a new gorgeous functionnality in atlas... You can export in PDF a spot, a zone or even a country!!! Browse the atlas to your next dive trip location, and just click the 'your wannaguide' link to get your own PDF guide!
  • Jul 02 
    [ Info ] Google maps activated Google maps are activated on You now can select your GPS location and see Google maps within Zone and Spot pages.
  • Jun 07 
    [ Info ] New server for Wannakitesurf website will migrate to a new server shortly. More powerfull server, more diskspace, and soon more functionnality... If you notice any trouble, please contact the webmaster. Enjoy and contribute !
  • Feb 09 
    [ Info ] WannaKiteSurf Opening Official opening date is February 9th, 2006. Enjoy and contribute!

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